Your Hood’s A Joke – Thursday

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Thursday late night Your Hood’s a Joke

Comedians representing their country of origin, city, neighbourhood, or even alma mater, roast each other’s territories in this smash hit battle show based on everyone’s favourite sport: trash talking other places!

Your Hood’s A Joke has grown to be an internationally acclaimed show.  This is the original and this is how it’s done.  This is also a show that comes with a content warning, as it is a roast show with no restrictions, so we ask that you please exercise discretion if you wish to avoid jokes that may include sensitive subject matter.

Thursday May 23 & Friday May 24 at 11:00.

THURS/FRI: Calgary South West Emily Bilton VS. Calgary North East Marito Antonio Lopez

THURS/FRI: Calgary Brittany Lyseng VS. Edmonton Sean Lecomber

THURS/FRI: USA Abdul Butt VS. Canada Malik Elassal

THURS: Quebec Derek Seguin VS. Nfld Lisa Baker – Comedian

FRI: BC Erica Sigurdson VS. Nfld: Lisa Baker