Kyle Lovstrom


Kyle is a 32-year old student, talk-show host, writer, comedian, skateboarder, musician, traveler, and bartender. The majority of those vocations are for his own entertainment - only one keeps the water hot and his phone connected, but you never know what’s around the corner. At one point he was your angry neighborhood bike courier for five years but you tend to hit the roof pretty fast riding around in the snow eight hours daily. Most recently, he and a group of friends created a late night talk show called Late Night At the Plaza. While it started as a joke, created out of boredom, their host, Logan Cameron, just happened to manage the eighty-year old Plaza Theatre, so they had a venue - they figured, ‘why not?’ They never expected anything to come of it but the show’s been growing exponentially. There were three people in the audience their first show and last week nearly 200 people showed up to see them act stupid!