After six years of bootstrapping and belly laughing, we have found our place. Calgary now has access to an affordable, world class comedy experience that celebrates talent from not only our city, but province, country, and global comedy community. We have become a trusted source for entertainment on a grand scale annually and will continue steadfast in our mission to curate the best comedy events and bring the world to Calgary through laughter.  We are on a mission to bring more laughter to your life! 

James Sutherland  Heather Maitland

Anna Gustafson  Cory Mack

YYComedy Festival began as the inspired vision of festival founder Cory Mack back in October of 2011.  Calgary had been designated as Canada’s Cultural Capital for the year of 2012, and the same year a great number of comedically-connected anniversaries were taking place throughout the city. These included the 100th anniversary of the Grand Theatre (which had been a great old vaudeville house), the 35th of the Loose Moose Theatre Company and their creation Theatresports, Yuk Yuk’s 25th, and the Comedy Cave’s 10th.  The combination of these events loudly suggested “right place, right time”, and with the help of friend AJ Demers, co-founders James Sutherland and Harry Doupe, Mack got the ball rolling. Over the next 5 years the festival would feature acts like Brent Butt, Janeane Garafalo, Brian Posehn, Jessica Holmes, Harland Williams, Andy Kindler, Mary Walsh, Mike Wilmot, Steve Patterson, Mike MacDonald, Nikki Payne, Derek Edwards, Emo Philips, Debra DiGiovanni, Todd Barry, Falcon Powder, the Kids In The Hall, along with the cream of the Calgary comedy scene.  After wowing us with his talents and relentless drive for a stronger comedy industry, Harry bid adieu to the Festival to new adventures. Strengthened by the enthusiasm of our audiences, community champions and volunteers, and on behalf of our Festival Board- Heather Maitland, James Sutherland, Cory Mack and Anna Gustafson – we invite you to experience some of the best live Canadian comedy you will see on an Alberta stage.

We’re on a mission to bring more laughter to your life.  Fall 2018.